Kurve Kit Presents Kurve Konfidential

So this weekend, The Kurve Kit YouTube channel started, with the new series Kurve Konfidential.

The Keys To Confidence, Episode 1 Part 1 of Kurve Konfidential.

I’m so excited, I have some lovely ladies on there and I just can’t wait to have regular content up. We have so much in store.

I have wanted to do this for some time and things are moving in the direction I want them to go. I have so much support its unreal and people who are helping with sending out the messages that I want to get out their.

This has never been about me. Only the Kurve Kit WordPress blog gives you most of my thoughts and feelings that I need to get of my chest. But with the YouTube, Twitter,Β  and Facebook pages are mainly soley focused on the plus size community. Bare in mind a lot of what I say, share, and talk about can be very relative to the slim community too, as its not only the plus size community that have challenges in their lives.

I also want to thank these beautiful souls, for supporting the beginning of something new and special, I just hope that you all will feel the same way. Please Subscribe, Like, CommentΒ  and Share.

Judi Love

Tanya B

Kat Henry

Michelle Carter

Likwid design solutions

All links to their pages are on the YouTube description box and on the Episodes.

Plus all my family and friends that honestly believe in all I do and support me in reaching my goals. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know where I would be right now.

I honestly hope you enjoy The Kurve Kit on YouTube and if you don’t let me why. And once again thank you all for reading, watching, supporting, commenting and sharing. I love you guys, it’s because of you why I keep going.

Xxx Fran xxX