An evening with the fantastic Jessamyn Stanley. NO YOGA, JUST GREAT CONVO!

An evening with the fantastic Jessamyn Stanley, NO YOGA, JUST GREAT CONVO!


When Donna from CurveSomeYoga told me that she will be holding an event with Jessamyn Stanley, I was like YESSSSSSSS! This is going to be fantastic. Just knowing how much Donna loves her work, I was very happy for Donna and happy enough to just go along and be in the moment. I really wasn’t ready for Jessamyn Stanley.


All I knew about Jessymyn was her ability to do some fantastic Yoga, things that a Fat Woman shouldn’t be able to do (according to society, but us plus size ladies know different). I had never heard her speak in an interview and I never knew how in tuned and woken this lady is.
I feel like I need to go read and listen to every interview she has done, just so I can get more of what I experienced on Friday. I’m no Yogi yet, I’m still a baby when It comes to Yoga, it’s like an ocean of information/ practices and I ain’t there yet, I need to keep up with what CurveSomeYoga classes do, before I go diving in.
Back to the event:


I got there late, which pissed me of, having to use the google maps when walking is the worst, (dyslexia and direction are the two double D’s you don’t want) but I was only about 10 minutes late, which wasn’t to bad.


Instantly when walking into the room all eyes were on Jessamyn, I was able to see a few familiar faces that have been on the Plus size Fitness scene but the intent of the listening that was going on was amazing.

We were all interested and feeling every word that came out of this woman’s mouth.
Jessamyn talks about schooling, her parents, being realistic when practicing, why she wears what she does when doing yoga and why she doesn’t dress up for pictures on social media while doing Yoga, why she got into teaching Yoga, how Yoga helped improve her Mental health, the importance of meditation, looking within and how that helps her be real.

To Jessamyn’s surprise, she was able to meet the founder of too fat to run, Julie Creffield (in picture above), who was in the audience. Jessamyn openly explained how much she had admired the cause and how she found Julie inspirational.

Jessamyn states the views of the industry which many people seemed to totally agree with.
What I like about Jessamyn the most is that she isn’t afraid to say things like it is, for example how the perception of yoga is a white female middle class practice and how the industry seem to exclude the real essence of what yoga is and in my eyes omit the true origin of yoga. How the unrealistic way that Yoga is mainly advertised can cause more harm than good.

I’m attraction to Yoga is the spiritual aspect of it and the internal feeling that I get, I’m not ready for back bends yet, lol. For me, I will start from the beginning, it’s like when I first started playing the flute as a child, I had to learn the basic and the theory before I was able to take any exams to show my skills. Right now, for me, I’m gonna embrace the feelings that I get from Yoga and tap into my true essence of me.

After basically running overtime, Jessamyn went to the pub and continued being the fantastic chick that she is and just mingled with the group. I wasn’t able to attend but got some great pics after and can’t wait to get learning more about this amazing lady.


Please please watch the interview, and enjoy the realness of the beautiful Jessamyn Stanley.


Xxx Fran xxX


It’s been some time from doing a Proper post, but I was so excited by the last Fat Positive Clothes Swap,in feburary, I had to rush take pictures and show you.

By the way, these pics have:


Me with makeup! lol. For those who dont know its snapchat, not my bad makeup skills.


Which I clearly needed for some of these items. But I don’t really care I just had to share. Tbh, I don’t wear much support underwear anyway.
So here are some of my favourite items and I just can’t wait to get out there to show them off.


Taking pictures in the wrong light, is something that i do all the time and i really need to sort out my poses, if anyone wants to give me lessons in how to take a decent picture, please let me know.

Can I also big up my Asos mens shoes, as they were in the January sale and I wish I ordered more than one pair.



So i have my dress that i wore today and love so much, the colour, the cut and the length is beautiful and works well with my figure.


Here i have a dress thats a little big, but im sure with the right black belt, it will look  better.



Now, I have never owned a scarlet and Jo dress and now i have one.


OK, yes i didnt iron the dress. i really couldnt be bothered.


This dress is a sainsbury TU, and i have fallen in love with every inch of it.

Below id a simply volumptious dress, the chest area is my favorite. and my hair is getting messy as we go down the pictures. ROLL EYES!


Only god knows what i was looking for.



I saw this cardigan (im a cardigan lover) and skirt and just had to pick them up, both items are knitted. Like who has a knitted pencil skirt, in blue at that.





I also want to thank those whos clothes these items were originally, if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be a happy bunny right now.

Heres a link to my YouTube channel, for more information about the swap and what happens when you get there.






Xxx Fran xxX

Loveracing25, you need to see her on that pole. 👏👏👏👏 :)

I have found a plus size pole dancer who seems to be my new girl crush, I know I have done a post about plus size pole dancers before but none are quite like this one (well I think so anyway). She had me watching her YouTube channel for over an hours the other day and all I could think about was making sure I put a blog post up about her.

The way she moves on the pole is amazing, she has such grace and moves just a fluently as the “normal” sized pole dancer. Loveracing25 shows you her practice, the hard days, her work rainy days practice and alot of humour. Its not all about showing how good she is, you see how hard she works to get to the level that she has, and she just seems like a lovely woman, some of the song choices are just on point to.


She goes by the name off Loveracing25 and you can find her on twitter, YouTube and Instagram, I don’t even know her name. But what I do know, is that this girl don’t get enough publicity in her expertise on pole.




I’m guessing all who reads my post understand by now, that I love discussing things that are relating to the subject of sex, 😜 but this post is simply about praising someone who has put practise, effort, dedication (and all those positive and inspiring words) into something that many folk out there would say, she shouldn’t be doing because of her size. Loveracing25’s earliest post was 6 years ago and you can see how far she has come from her post to date.

I love the art of pole dancing but seeing a woman who is plus size dance so elegantly on a pole just makes my heart filled with joy. And I feel if anyone can inspire a size 14+ person jump on that pole and perform it will definitely be Loveracing25.


NOTHING BUT LOVE FROM ME SUGA. 👏👍💪👊👌 Go subscribe guys.


Xxx Fran xxX



ME, HER AND THEN HIM. Talking from the heart! ❤


ME, HER AND THE HIM. Talking from the heart!

I found this Q&A from a post on the internet and really wanted to share it with you. My writing is in the BLACK, (im just putting in my ten pence piece, don’t mind me 💰) The lady who posted the question is in the BLUE and the man who comments to it, is in RED.


The woman who originally posted the question wanted to know!

 Are you a man in love with a fat girl?

If you are, I would really love to hear about what attracts you to her, and what keeps you in love!

I’m a fat woman. I’m about a size 16 American, and I have a boyfriend that physically speaking is well out of my league. He’s younger than me (29, I’m 36), tall, slim, elegant, blond, good looking, easily an 8 out of 10. I find him attractive to the point of distraction.

Emotionally we connect on every level and he swears up and down that I make him happy, that he loves me, and that I meet his needs. I ask him if he loves me and he gathers me up in his arms, laughs, kisses me all over my face and says ‘of course!’ And I do believe him. He treats me like gold.

But, given the disdain and hatred directed at fat woman, I still reel at the thought that I could be loved and found attractive – by anyone really, yet alone a good looking man. Or, actually, that anyone could not just tolerate my body, but actively desire it.

If you love a fat woman – what is it about her that keeps you coming back for more?


Ok! About the above, It was nice for her to share her experience, so often women have insecurities, we can sometimes feel that we are unlovable let alone being a plus size person. One of the replies was the man below that stuck to me from all the comments like a saw thumb, but in a good way.

And why are messed up people, always have time to fill pages with hate, I just have enough time to write this blog post, let alone go on a sites, to justify and argue about how much I hate fat women. Like really, what’s your beef?

 Mans reply to comment 🏆

Don’t be fooled by the hate. There are plenty of men that find fat, chubby, curvy, whatever you want to call it, women extremely attractive. I’m one of them.
It’s not that most people support the hatred, it’s just that the ones that do are more vocal about it than the ones that don’t.

 SO TRUE! We seem to think that we are not worthy of the love of a good looking, fine, sexy man. Or that a thin man could possibly find us attractive too.

 So as usual I’m gonna use food to demonstrate. We all have different taste in restaurants, but at the end of the day, if you like it, you like it and that’s it. Why would you force yourself to have food from somewhere that you don’t like or if a resturant gets publicized in the media, we should all automatically love it and go there all the time? You may walk past a resturant you have never been to and see food that looks nice, and possibly think about visiting it one day. You don’t automatically rule it out just because it’s not a franchiese

So many men are finding that they like what they like, and don’t give a shit as to what anyone says. I put the fear of openly loving a type of person down to what society seems to deem acceptable, 9 times out of 10.

Does maturity play a part in openly saying that you find yourself attracted to a plus size woman?


Why would you deny yourself of possible happiness, when you can identify that you are attracted to something that isn’t classed as the “NORM” but worried about what others will say about your personal life.

And why to the haters always have to fill pages of hate, I just have enough time to write this blog post let alone go on sites and argue about how much I hate fat women, what’s your beef?

He continues 👍

The fact is though, you don’t need to convince yourself that he loves you and finds you attractive. You need to love yourself and find yourself attractive. Until you can look in the mirror and like what you see, you will continue to find it hard to believe what he says.

If you want to stay the weight you are, that’s great. Own it, flaunt it. Think about what you love most about your body or looks and wear clothes, makeup, etc. that flaunt those features and make you feel most attractive.
When you feel attractive, it will boost your confidence and make you feel better overall.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to stay the weight you are, that’s great too. Make the changes you need to make to be happy. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or just generally toning up.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re happy in your own skin.

This made me so happy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Many of us plus size ladies (women in general) seem to rely on someone else expressing our worth, our beauty, or essence. If we find it ourselves, we no longer need anyone to validate it for us. It’s so nice to hear this from a man tho, other than mine, lol. So many women help empower each other which is how it should be, but sometimes listen to a guy speak sense seems to resonate a little further at times.

Don’t get me wrong, having a partner that loves you and make you feel good will always contribute to boosting your confidence.

We are all human, we won’t feel confident all day, every day. We will standardly get those days when you feel but ugly and this bitch ass body don’t want to fit in any item from the wardrobe. Your eyebrows have taken on the shape of the zig zag lines in the road, you’re on your period and that high wasted skirt you got looks hideous, cos your belly looks so bloody big. But that’s OK.

What you don’t need is to constantly bash yourself to the ground till there is no way to get back up again.

And a lot of men are not as shallow as we think, he could fall in love with your personality first and not see your weight at all, usually there will be a level of physical attraction, but so many people fall in love with someone that isn’t their “normal type”, that maybe colour or shape, that was not typical to what they are usually attracted to.


But the beauty within this, is that you saw the person’s soul first, which is really what love is all about. A person can’t be happy with someone who has good looks and a complete shit of a personality. And if that’s what is important to you, THE LOOKS! We may need to sit down and have a little chat, email me, I’ll make the time, for you especially.✌

To the guy that commented on this post, I just want to say, your partner is lucky to have you, if you have one and you her. I hope men that read this post find support in loving a plus size woman with pride, and ladies who read your comment find strength finding their own beauty.

And lastly the lady who posted the question in the beginning, it seems like you have a great guy there. Let him love you and love yourself too. Those words of disbelief is not good for your soul. I’m sure you are everything that he says you are and you are everything that you will soon discover about your beautiful self.

 All pictures are from pintrest.

Xxx Fran xxX


Happy New Year to you all.


A person I met in passing, (A white lady around 45+) had asked me, why are black plus size women so confident and know how to dress for their body type so well? This isn’t the first time mind you, I have been asked a question like this.


I firstly told the lady, (who was also dressed beautifully) that not all of us are as confident as we seem, but culturally being plus size seems to be more accepting in our culture for many years. Many black plus size women dress to compliment there shape and size. (Please bare in mind, I am not saying all black women, many have grown up with nothing but difficulty in dealing with their size. And I’m also NOT saying that other races do not do the same. )

This got me thinking. Why women of colour aren’t, represented in the plus size UK fashion industry. Women of colour buy clothes, they spend money on items that brands put out, So why is there so little representation in the plus size Fashion?


I find that the UK do not embrace the plus size women of colour, when it comes to PS fashion. I have always admired how the US incorporates all ethnicities when it comes to fashion and I would love to have the same in the UK.


Growing up in the 80s I can remember seeing much more plus size black and Asian women than I did any other colour.



One memory that I can regularly remember from a young age, is when I had to go to church with my mum.


So many women who were plus size put on some outfits that was their church best. You had colour, vibrancy and confidence that was always complimented on when you saw them.


My mum as a dark skinned Caribbean woman always had on so much colour when going to church.


The African culture also live in colour items and dressed up in their vibrant tribal patterns which always had colour, which made them look so nice and complimented their skin tones.


No matter what size these ladies were they looked good and especially when it came to attending church.



The Asian plus size community would also be similar, when seeing the ladies wear their sarees that showed their bellies and yes plus size Asian showed their stomachs.


And they never appeared worried about anyone seeing their stomach rolls.


All this and so much diversity but still not recognised in the industry and celebrated/acknowledged much at all, In the UK.


I strive to make a conscious effort, to have a melting pot of ethnicities when I post on social media. I must be honest I really struggle to find Asian or oriental plus size women photos in the UK, models or any who blog about plus size issues, but this is a work in progress and once I find them I will definitely be sharing.


If we look into any form of UK Plus Size ceremonies or awards, very few women of colour will be nominated or even win an award, this should not be the case at all.


But in the meantime, here are some of the plus size women of colour in the UK that I feel should get recognition for what they do and you should check out if you haven’t already.


I would love to see more plus size women of colour get recognition for their style and contribution to the plus size industry, especially as you have trending styles that come from their own communities and cultures. Inclusion of ethnicities are just as important as body shaming and also contributes to body positivity. So if you want to shout out about these topics, let’s at least include the basics first.





Below are some plus size fashionista from overseas

Xxx Fran xxX

NUDITY WARNING. In praise of NOWNESS and their Fat Video


I have just watched, NOWNESS video, Define Beauty:in praise of fat film, Heavyweight staring Vanity Fox and Brock Avery.

When starting to watch this video, I had no idea of where it was going!

Once I saw the stretch marks and I know this may sound a bit bad but, all I could think of was, OMG! they look like mine. Before you start, no I don’t have any issues with mine or hers.

Then I paused the video, just to really think about what is going to happen in the space of 1.40 minutes, so I continued. Then to my horror  I saw the water dripping down her body, I couldn’t stop thinking, Ohhh why have sweat running down a fat woman, its just so of putting. Like all we do is sweat, even when its not hot, for Pete’s sake.  Hopefully, the fact that the water was horrific to ME, will make sense the more you read .

Then the music started, which shit me up to be fair, ( I WAS WEARING HEADPHONES) I really wasn’t expecting it to be so dramatic. Was there a pop up that spoilt my viewing. You know those ones that really like to spoil things for you on the laptop, all of a sudden a voice or music from somewhere starts in the laptop devise, which take you up to a good few minutes to actually find out where it s coming from. Anyway I digress. The music was like an intense fight that you see on a film that starts of slow and builds up to someone seriously getting hurt.

I then had to start the video all over again, but while doing this, I then got thinking about the name Heavyweight. What do they really mean by this? Is Vanity Fox the heavyweight or Brock, because he was taking care of business? Are they implying that men who love intimacy with a plus size woman should be given the title heavyweight?


So I continued to watch (AGAIN). Brock was really getting into the groping and everything, he was happy to divulge himself into to her whole body. Which I can imagine people out there cheering him on. lol

Then i suddenly went back to my original HORROR, (OK! So now you guys must realise by this point, when I get stuck on something, I don’t rest until it makes sense to me, which is the reasons why it becomes HORRIFIC )  the water! Is it suppose to represent something else?


Was it his love runneth over,  lolololol, if you know what i mean. Was it her love runneth over? They really wasn’t doing anything so strenuous that sweat could have developed, no shower , sink or bath was present. She wasn’t drinking water or anything like that, was it dribble? No really!What was it supposed to blooming be. YES I AM OBSESSING ABOUT THE WATER,  SO IF YOU HAVE A THEORY PLEASE COMMENT, HELP ME OUT HERE.


What I actually loved about this clip, was the fact that, when all was over and a shot of Vanity’s whole body appeared, her face spoke volumes.


What was she thinking? was it:

A, You just wished you just had all of this, like he did.

B, You didn’t realise fat could look so good.

C, This is what ya’ll missin.

D, Wow, i wasnt even expecting that.

E, Ladies this is how its done.

F, I am a true goddess and every inch of me, should be worshipped.

What did you think that last look was all about?


Overall, I liked it ALOT. Heavyweight was intense, had me wanting to see it till the end, I  was also happy to sit back and identify  which parts of the body i was seeing on my screen. I was engrossed, in how he was in an element of indulgence using all his senses to consume every part of her body all at once. And to finish with that look on her face, just topped it of for me. I felt an emotion, cant pinpoint which one.  She gave me a sense of YOU GO GIRL, you ARE HOT and he enjoyed every bit of you. But it still leaves me with the BLOODY WATER.

Full Video below.

Xxx Fran xxX

Kurve Kit Presents Kurve Konfidential

So this weekend, The Kurve Kit YouTube channel started, with the new series Kurve Konfidential.

The Keys To Confidence, Episode 1 Part 1 of Kurve Konfidential.

I’m so excited, I have some lovely ladies on there and I just can’t wait to have regular content up. We have so much in store.

I have wanted to do this for some time and things are moving in the direction I want them to go. I have so much support its unreal and people who are helping with sending out the messages that I want to get out their.

This has never been about me. Only the Kurve Kit WordPress blog gives you most of my thoughts and feelings that I need to get of my chest. But with the YouTube, Twitter,  and Facebook pages are mainly soley focused on the plus size community. Bare in mind a lot of what I say, share, and talk about can be very relative to the slim community too, as its not only the plus size community that have challenges in their lives.

I also want to thank these beautiful souls, for supporting the beginning of something new and special, I just hope that you all will feel the same way. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment  and Share.

Judi Love

Tanya B

Kat Henry

Michelle Carter

Likwid design solutions

All links to their pages are on the YouTube description box and on the Episodes.

Plus all my family and friends that honestly believe in all I do and support me in reaching my goals. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know where I would be right now.

I honestly hope you enjoy The Kurve Kit on YouTube and if you don’t let me why. And once again thank you all for reading, watching, supporting, commenting and sharing. I love you guys, it’s because of you why I keep going.

Xxx Fran xxX

I will find my own FAT HOTNESS, thank you very much!

So I have just read “best 5 positions and ways to have hot sex as a fat woman!!!!!!” 👿


I’m Sorry, but I am not limiting my plus size self. Us bigger chicks have got it going on if you haven’t heard. I advice every one of you to not listen to everything you read.

What makes sex HOT? Apart from having the heating on full blast and closed Windows, whilst getting it on, cos you make to much noise.

Its me, not no top 5 list. My sexual prowess is what makes me HOT. Enough of reading things to make me feel I need a ” make me HOT aid”. Why are you so narrow minded to feel I need it? I find my own hotness not yours. If I spent all my time reading and making sure I stuck to the rules of the world in regards to plus size sexual positions and your perception of HOTness, I wouldn’t understand what works for me.


Curvy girls have enough to deal with, let alone having to be told only use 5 sexual positions that work best, due to our size.  Sexual postion limitating shaming (you like that one, hah 😜) is not the way to go and I encourage you to explore and  find your inner goddess to see what works for you and your lover.

If a position dont work for you, so what! Move to the next one. Its no different to looking at a menu and trying a meal You have never eaten before.


There are a lot of fluffy ladies that are flexible as hell, so why are we constantly told to limit ourselves in the bedroom.


What makes it even worse, potential partners are out there reading these articles thinking that they are limited in the bedroom with their potential plus size lover. Men are being more open and honest about their love for the bigger framed woman, why give the perception of, if you try a different position, you end up in A&E with a broken arms or legs because we can’t handle it.
Don’t get me wrong! This may be a possibility but it’s a low one.

Soon we will be reading ” Top 5 best ways to use your toothbrush for plus size women”.

It’s all good sharing information and advice, but a lot of articles give the impression that these are the only way, you will be hot and enjoy sex. I feel it’s important to promote exploration and trying new things in the boudoir.


As fierce and confident us fat girls can be or portray, we may feel that if a position don’t work it’s due to our size, which really isn’t always the case. 

Best sexual positions don’t just rely on the shape and size of the female. Size of the penis and the partners frame may also helps determine what position works well for you too.

What may work for you may not work for another, due to bigger thighs or bigger bums etc. We are all stimulated in different ways, sensations in the breast me be greater or less. Kissing the neck may also not be as stimulating for you as it is for me, which also contributes to the Hotness and enjoyment while having sex. But you never know until you try, right!


Sex should be fun, enjoyable and most of all pleasurable,  don’t miss out on something that may feel good for you and your lover.

If guides like this work for you, then forget all I just said. 🙊 I just talk way to much. 😦

Get out that karmasutra manule ( that I know you have ) and give them all a try if you want.


Ok this one looks a bit complex

Make your own list to what sexual positions and ways that make your fat self feel HOT and then send me a copy (only if you want, caring is sharing you know). But Before you do, just make sure you have a good stretch first. X 😘 

BTW all pictures were found on the internet, I do not own them. I did swipe through my phone but didn’t have the guts to post. 😂😂😂😂

Xxx Fran xxX

Forever 21’s cute bargain LBD.

With me finding my new-found love of a social life that I missed out on, (another blog post for another day), I find myself being very busy and have a lot of special occasions to attend. I’m not one to splash out on clothes, I hunt for a good deal and always find one.

I had a leaving doo to attend yesterday and found myself a little early, so a wander around the shops is always a good pass time option for me.

When entering forever 21, I got the feeling that I’m not going to find much of a bargain, but came out with a dress that was very cheap and not even in the sale. Now a LBD is something that I don’t usually wear. I love bright colours and always make sure I wear them, it just goes with my personality as some may say.

As I have gotten older I have found that the more I wear black, the more I am trying to disguise myself, which is my theory about me and  not no one else’s, (I will also save that for another day too)

This dress was calling me from the other side of the room.


BTW, I know the lightings not good, i have a big phone which dont help, but i will get better at this.


Here is a link to the cardigan that i didn’t get, i have so many it just didnt make any sense. I just wanted to see how it looked with something over the dress.

When looking at the price my eyes popped out of my head. I was so happy, it was unreal. Forever 21 had a cute LBD and it only came up to £12.00, I kid you not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a dress that I would shout and say was a show stopper, but it’s cute. And for that price it was mine.

So when I got home, something came over me to look online and see what else Forever 21 have that just as cute and for a similar price.
OMG! I found the same dress, in pink for £4.99, I know right. ( go on, look it up for yourself now, see if they are still in stock and come back to the post, I have more info for you). Its below!


Whilst looking with excitement and double checking I had the dress in my online basket, I found another black and cream dress that was also a cutie and bagged that to for another £5.99 Take a look!

You can thank me later, just make sure you get online ASAP. X

Xxx Fran xxX

A proper first Blog Post

Oooohhhh this is exciting.

Hey y’all. I’m gonna start My first proper blog post by letting you know a little about me.


Mum of three, 35, black British, with a  psychology, sexual health and family support background and now newly self employed.

I’ve always had a lot of SIZE! I’m the tallest and biggest in my family, weigh the most and have the biggest feet in the family too and that’s just on me mums side.

So doing Kurvre Kit isn’t something that I thought I would do just because I “recently” put on weight and want to shout to the world I accept myself. I’m doing it now because I have accepted myself for who I actually am and have always been.


I have forever been “the BIG or BIGGER one”, (don’t worry, I say it too) and have had to learn many tricks of the trade, to mask my true feelings in regards to my size and what others think about me.
I strongly believe if I ever loose a lot of weight, I will never reach a size 12, 14, or 16, the smallest I may ever get too without looking like a freak (due to my frame not the fact that slim women look like freaks ) is an 18, which is ok by me.

Funnily enough, if I ever had to loose anything on my body, it would be a little bit of my feet. Being a size 9 has been the most annoying thing in my life. But that’s for a complete other post.

Discovering this new movement of self acceptance, body positivity and simply not focusing on the flab has been liberating and enlightening. Dont get me wrong, I want to be healthy, my life hasn’t and will never consist of takeaways every week or day, eating oven cooked food for breakfast lunch and dinner, nor fruit or vegetables never reaching any my mouth. I’m actually the opposite. My flaw are not eating breakfast everyday, large portion Sizes and lack of exercise. Trust me I can get about and bust some serious dance moves, I just don’t do enough regularly.

Well, as I draw an end to my first ever (proper) Kurve Kit blog post, I just want to thank all you fabulous thick set, fat, big, tall and large women and men out there, who contribute to body positivity, in this ever growing beautiful plus size movement. Because if it wasn’t for all of you being honest about your good days and bad days, many people wouldn’t be able to identify the journey that it may sometimes take to finally come to peace with ones body.

xxx Fran xxx