Are you a DIVA?

Well what a way to kick of the Kurve Kit!

I had been told about the this clothes and lingerie fashion show by a friend, who asked me if I wanted to attend seen as I said that I wanted to start a blog. I was pleasantly surprised how busy the venue was, seen as London was on a tube strike for the last couple of days. Diva choice and MCB Pre Valentines Ladies Night Fashion show was held at the lovely Primo Bar at the Park Plaza Hotel on the 6th February 2014.

A bit about the lines that were hosting the show.

Diva Choice has products and services, there Lingerie goes from size 8 up to a size 20 in most items and variety of colours for all complexion. They also host lingerie parties, which I’m sure would be a great load of fun for a Hen Night, Birthday Party or just a girlies night in. You can find more at

Eminence Mode are a company that focus on jewellery statement pieces, which are all handmade and distinctively customised to give the WOW factor, to complete your outfit. And at this point, I can not tell you what Reid Collections are all about, but I know they are just as important as the other two. When all 3 collaborate together they call themselves the Mobile Chic Boutique otherwise known as MCB.

Back to the night!

Back stage seemed well organised with make up and hair being done and a film crew filming, with all this going on, the vibe was a great.

I then went on to mingle with a few of the audience who came to the show, and got sight of a beautiful young lady called Cheree. A beautiful kurvy lady that I had to take a picture of, as her clothes and makeup look right for the event

My pictures don’t show exactly what she was wearing but she was beautiful anyway and so was her friend which I didn’t take a picture of! Which now coming to think about it, was a bit rude cos she was just as beautiful.                                                    SORRY CHEREES FRIEND xXx.


Can I also just let you know! I AINT NO PHOTOGRAPHER, just so you guys know when looking at these pics, But I do try me best.

The event also had an area that gave everyone a chance to get mini treatments done which was a nice gesture to. But unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get any for myself.

On to the clothes

The Models were just lovely and the first set was what I would call club wear, which went from a size 8 to 14. Then came thelingerie and wide range may I say.

20140206_20075420140206_200638 20140206_195926

To be honest the items were OK! There were some really nice ones but nothing that really pulled out to me, as a lady of the plus size variety.


But if I was a size 12, I may have been running to the back purchasing for valentines day if I hadn’t had anything in place already.

As some of us kurve ladies know, wearing lingerie is sometimes a little tricky, if your not a size 8. Having to find the right fit for your bust and then the right fit for your bottom half, can be nothing short of a nightmare. Let alone feeling confident and comfortable in the cloths themselves. Don’t get me wrong, many of us are confident but when we are looking right.

20140206_20544620140206_205425(0)But some of us are more comfortable and can also enjoy the evening when things are in the places of where they are supposed to be.

One of my favourite part of the night was the compare, Judi Love. She really got the crowd going And integrated with the crowd in the intervals and gave us a few jokes in-between.

BUT DEEP INSIDE THE KURVE KIT 20140206_20313320140206_202408
Overall a good start for a company that is just starting out, they have been promoting there events well, makeup and hair were good and simple and didn’t take away anything from the garments, but TBH I wouldn’t say they go up to a size 20 and would just keep the margin small between a size 8 – 16 in all items.

So my advice would be, if your size 8-16 and your body is well within proportion, then you will find something for you, but if your chest if an ample full, then make sure your buying in advance. If you are getting something for a special occasion and/or you need to make sure you looking good for that special someone and your item don’t quite fit your gonna be that disappointed because you have enough time to find you a little something else.