2015 is a big THANK U 2 ALL MENTIONED!

The time has come where we spend time with family and friends, eating, drinking and having fun. So before 2016 hits, I wanted to do this blog post and thank a few people for my wonderful journey so far and also give you a quick review into my 2015 journey, which has been magnificent and also quite scary at the same time.

Late 2014, I had started The Kurve Kit on twitter, which was just somewhere to post information that may be beneficiary to anyone who is plus sized. Seen as I wasn’t familiar with twitter, like at all! This became somewhat a bit of a chore.


So I decided to do a Facebook page instead and see how that goes, this was late February 2015. Facebook felt right, I was so familiar with it that I found posting information fun and within weeks, I was in a routine and enjoyed seeing my new Facebook page grow.



I also went through a lot of personal changes this year and things that I have been wrestling with for some time, seemed to just happen. The first thing I was able to do it cut of all my relaxed hair (well most of it), as I am getting older and learning to love myself more, I became aware of my culture more too..  


To be frank, my hair wasn’t in the best condition and I wanted the chemicals out. I loved natural afro hair and admire many women who have it, so I decided to go forth and be naturally me. It took some time to fully appreciate it and 4 month and 3 haircuts later, I was hooked. I just have to try my best to stop chopping my hair of and just leave it to grow. I relaxed my hair when I was young, as I felt that this was what you did as a young black girl, but I am coming to finally understand that it’s not what the world around me that shapes who I am, its actually me that does it.


I fully accepted my natural afro hair and started to love it. I feel so empowered that I can keep my hair curly, straighten it, if I want to and with a quick wash, I can go back to curly again. But most of all I feel nothing but regret that I didn’t do this sooner. But all this confirms to me that, I’m not going to try and fit in to what society feels is acceptable anymore, society has to fit into me.

Also in March, I was able to attend my first plus size event, which was the Curve Convention, which was fantastic, I took pictures of some divine plus size women. There were two ladies that really took the time to have a chat and take interest in what I was doing. That was Katie from @toodalookatie,


and Hollie from @prettybigbutterflies.

While I was asking them for pictures, they were able to encourage me to also take a picture for them, as they were representing State Of Mind Active on the day. Both ladies had encouraged me to start blogging, but I just wasn’t ready as I had way too many commitments and to be honest completely scared to even go there. I also started The Kurve Kit Instagram the day before the Curve Convention and I was able to use the picture that they took of me and post on the Kurve Kits Instagram, which was shockingly of myself, which was something that I didn’t usually do.


May I just say how fabulous the Curve Convention was, for my first ever plus size event, I was extremely happy to be there.

I was also able to post fantastic pictures of all these lovely ladies. I didn’t know who any of them were or even that they had blogs. In other words, I went into this whole new plus size world very blind, but also realised that if you look for things, you will find a community that is very big.

This has only fuelled my passion for making it my duty to keep information coming and post anything that will help support plus size people to be comfortable within.


In June I decided to leave my job and go self-employed, this was a huge decision ( another one that I was struggling with) but one of the best ones I have made in a long time. I didn’t realise how stressed I was at work, until I actually left. Don’t get me wrong I loved supporting families and running workshops that helped parents, but I started to dislike the politics that became more about the business and less about supporting the families.



I finally built up the courage to start blogging, it’s been amazing being on WordPress and I can say that I actually like spending time really talking about my interest in depth. Blogging is my space where I can be free and really say what I feel and it’s nice to have that.



In October I then approached a few ladies that I had met Kat, Tanya, Michelle and a very good friend of mine Judi Love, to take part in The Kurve Kits YouTube channel and be a part of the Kurve Konfidential series.


I also met a lovely lady called Donna Noble who runs Curvesome Yoga in October and blogged about the session.


This got us speaking and over time she asked me if I would like to be an ambassador for Curvesome Yoga, which of course I said yes and love the feeling that yoga gives you.




While this year has been very busy I can honestly say, since doing what I enjoy and love, I have been very happy emotionally. The Kurve Kit just keeps on growing but 2016 feels big and there are so much more to come.


But I just want to thank all of those who follow on The Kurve Kits Facebook, WordPress and Instagram and those who regularly interact with me on the pages.

Also Katie and Hollie, from the Curve Convention, as it was you ladies that helped me finally start blogging.

But most of all my family, Lavonne, Lashanna, Latarra and Michelle and that means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS! All my close friends, who always encourage my dreams but most importantly, Judi Love, who is also on the Kurve Konfidential, on the YouTube channel and Sonya Robertson

and lastly, that special man in my life, cos without your talent, my shit wouldn’t look so professional.


Happy Holidays guys and a Happy New year.

Xxx Fran xxX

Swap Till You Drop! Fat Positive London.

Caring is Sharing. So have a read and watch the YouTube link, LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT! And let me know if your coming to the next Fat Positive Clothes Swap. All information is given on the video.


Finding out what’s going on in the plus size community can be difficult at times, especially if you’re not a part of the Plus size bloggers seen or in any kind of social media group.


Enter a caption

I got 4 of these tops from the swap, all from yours clothing and all different colours, perfect for work wear.



So that’s why Kurve Kit dedicates itself to sharing all plus size information, with all who wants it or needs support in living a plus size life.

Getting current information can be hard work and you have to make it a mission to be in the know. It’s be bad enough finding clothes let alone anything else. It’s only been the last 6-8 years, that I have been able to find clothing that fits in my price range and understand what works well for me and my body.

Swap item, Primark owl top, I so love it!


When I started The Kurve Kit I came across the fat positive clothes swap on twitter, this just sounded like a great idea and it wasn’t too far for me to travel to. It was nice to get rid of all the clothes that I had piled up, just sitting there, that was way too good to throw and things that still had tags on.


When I got there I was in shock, with how easy it was to get around and understand how it all works and I also got chatting to some lovely folk who really seemed to be helpful and complimentary when trying on items.

I was able to take a picture of Kirsty one of the organiser (Alongside Claire who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet).

The lovely Kirsty one of the Organisers


Kirsty was happy for me to promote the event on The Kurve Kits social media sites. They also have food at the swap so if you want a bite to eat, you have the option.



When attending my forth Fat Positive Clothes Swap, I thought it was time to share the true essence of the swap. It wasn’t just about swapping clothes, it’s about acceptance, community, coming together and so much more.

While interviewing the wonderful, Michelle and Tukru who are just so endearing and sweet. They were able to express how they feel about the swap and also Kirsty explaining the reasons why it started in the first place, which also shocked me, because this has been happening for a years. 


Another swap item, Jacket from Lane Bryant, I was so happy and its made so well



Clothes swaps have been a trend for some time, but I know that I would never find items for my size at any old swap that wasn’t specifically for the plus size.  I can’t shout enough from the roof tops how great these days are, and I am actually happy to spend the day there. What’s even better is that friends who are size 16 plus, give me the items that they don’t want but still in good condition, to take along also. Along as I have my car and petrol,  I will continue to attend and give clothes. And when I get home and an item don’t fit or look exactly how I expected, it goes in a black bag and I take it right back to the next swap ready to be given a new home.


Hope you enjoyed the video, please share, like or subscribe to the channel, so you are constantly up to date with what I find on the streets of London and if you know of anything that we would enjoy let me know and i will help spread the word too.

One of my ultimate favorites from the swap, Asos Curve dress.


Xxx Fran xxX

My music doesnt see size, it just hits my heart ! Chillin Playlist

In the first episode of Kurve Konfidential on YouTube, I said I had a music play list for when i getting ready to go out.

This will consist of all different types of songs, but it’s usually upbeat and meaning full, to me.but the thing i love about my music, is that it doesnt see size or colour and its just something that entres straight to your soul.

We all have dramas in your life, no matter what it is, music always makes me feel better. And especially when I’m feeling at my fattest. I find myself cocooned in my room, tidying it up while singing and/or dancing my heart out. Tidying can take hours because I’m to busy looking for more songs on YouTube or SoundCloud.

I’m not gonna lie, I find using my room an excuse to everyone, so I can just be with my music and myself.

Music is a personal affair for me, I’m happy to share songs with friends but I hate listening to music with people, I get sunk into every word and feel listening to music with others can take that away and invade my space. Maybe someone would say I go to deep when listening to music, but it’s a natural reaction for me.

Words, key changes, and the instruments all gets me locked. I can have a conversation with someone and as soon as a good song comes on I’m gone, I no longer understand what that persons saying. If it’s a song I have never heard before, I then get me phone out, find my Shazam app, wait anxiously for it to get the name of the song, once that has been done, I can then focus on the person who I was having a conversation with.

Music has comforted me when I have gone through hard times. I just thought that this was just a phase as a teenager, but I’ve done this through my whole life. The comfort I get from having a good music session is amazing.



No it’s not the same as going to a club and dancing nonstop and I really do mean NON-STOP all night, which I my second favourite music related thing to do. But being still with music on loud or with your headphones give me space. I think I find music intimate, a song can take me to places where I haven’t been, you could say it’s similar to a book.  I also seem to make up music videos for songs lol, I know it’s sad. I often give music all of my attention, even down to the lyrics.


Another thing that makes me happy and excited is discovering that the song completely changes half way through, till the point that you think you’re listening to a brand new song sometimes.



Do you ever get those times when you’re feeling a certain way and a song comes on to completely explain exactly how your feeling, it happens so often. It’s like god is saying “Yes my chid, it’s OK to feel this way and I understand”.


TBH, I think I’m quite OCD when it comes to my music, which is fine. Wish I was like this with me car and keeping it tidy.

Anyway hope you like my play list. It’s just a few songs that I can’t stop listening to at the moment.


Let me know how music benefits you, or just your own relationship with your music.

Xxx Fran xxX