Loveracing25, you need to see her on that pole. 👏👏👏👏 :)

I have found a plus size pole dancer who seems to be my new girl crush, I know I have done a post about plus size pole dancers before but none are quite like this one (well I think so anyway). She had me watching her YouTube channel for over an hours the other day and all I could think about was making sure I put a blog post up about her.

The way she moves on the pole is amazing, she has such grace and moves just a fluently as the “normal” sized pole dancer. Loveracing25 shows you her practice, the hard days, her work rainy days practice and alot of humour. Its not all about showing how good she is, you see how hard she works to get to the level that she has, and she just seems like a lovely woman, some of the song choices are just on point to.


She goes by the name off Loveracing25 and you can find her on twitter, YouTube and Instagram, I don’t even know her name. But what I do know, is that this girl don’t get enough publicity in her expertise on pole.




I’m guessing all who reads my post understand by now, that I love discussing things that are relating to the subject of sex, 😜 but this post is simply about praising someone who has put practise, effort, dedication (and all those positive and inspiring words) into something that many folk out there would say, she shouldn’t be doing because of her size. Loveracing25’s earliest post was 6 years ago and you can see how far she has come from her post to date.

I love the art of pole dancing but seeing a woman who is plus size dance so elegantly on a pole just makes my heart filled with joy. And I feel if anyone can inspire a size 14+ person jump on that pole and perform it will definitely be Loveracing25.


NOTHING BUT LOVE FROM ME SUGA. 👏👍💪👊👌 Go subscribe guys.


Xxx Fran xxX



ME, HER AND THEN HIM. Talking from the heart! ❤


ME, HER AND THE HIM. Talking from the heart!

I found this Q&A from a post on the internet and really wanted to share it with you. My writing is in the BLACK, (im just putting in my ten pence piece, don’t mind me 💰) The lady who posted the question is in the BLUE and the man who comments to it, is in RED.


The woman who originally posted the question wanted to know!

 Are you a man in love with a fat girl?

If you are, I would really love to hear about what attracts you to her, and what keeps you in love!

I’m a fat woman. I’m about a size 16 American, and I have a boyfriend that physically speaking is well out of my league. He’s younger than me (29, I’m 36), tall, slim, elegant, blond, good looking, easily an 8 out of 10. I find him attractive to the point of distraction.

Emotionally we connect on every level and he swears up and down that I make him happy, that he loves me, and that I meet his needs. I ask him if he loves me and he gathers me up in his arms, laughs, kisses me all over my face and says ‘of course!’ And I do believe him. He treats me like gold.

But, given the disdain and hatred directed at fat woman, I still reel at the thought that I could be loved and found attractive – by anyone really, yet alone a good looking man. Or, actually, that anyone could not just tolerate my body, but actively desire it.

If you love a fat woman – what is it about her that keeps you coming back for more?


Ok! About the above, It was nice for her to share her experience, so often women have insecurities, we can sometimes feel that we are unlovable let alone being a plus size person. One of the replies was the man below that stuck to me from all the comments like a saw thumb, but in a good way.

And why are messed up people, always have time to fill pages with hate, I just have enough time to write this blog post, let alone go on a sites, to justify and argue about how much I hate fat women. Like really, what’s your beef?

 Mans reply to comment 🏆

Don’t be fooled by the hate. There are plenty of men that find fat, chubby, curvy, whatever you want to call it, women extremely attractive. I’m one of them.
It’s not that most people support the hatred, it’s just that the ones that do are more vocal about it than the ones that don’t.

 SO TRUE! We seem to think that we are not worthy of the love of a good looking, fine, sexy man. Or that a thin man could possibly find us attractive too.

 So as usual I’m gonna use food to demonstrate. We all have different taste in restaurants, but at the end of the day, if you like it, you like it and that’s it. Why would you force yourself to have food from somewhere that you don’t like or if a resturant gets publicized in the media, we should all automatically love it and go there all the time? You may walk past a resturant you have never been to and see food that looks nice, and possibly think about visiting it one day. You don’t automatically rule it out just because it’s not a franchiese

So many men are finding that they like what they like, and don’t give a shit as to what anyone says. I put the fear of openly loving a type of person down to what society seems to deem acceptable, 9 times out of 10.

Does maturity play a part in openly saying that you find yourself attracted to a plus size woman?


Why would you deny yourself of possible happiness, when you can identify that you are attracted to something that isn’t classed as the “NORM” but worried about what others will say about your personal life.

And why to the haters always have to fill pages of hate, I just have enough time to write this blog post let alone go on sites and argue about how much I hate fat women, what’s your beef?

He continues 👍

The fact is though, you don’t need to convince yourself that he loves you and finds you attractive. You need to love yourself and find yourself attractive. Until you can look in the mirror and like what you see, you will continue to find it hard to believe what he says.

If you want to stay the weight you are, that’s great. Own it, flaunt it. Think about what you love most about your body or looks and wear clothes, makeup, etc. that flaunt those features and make you feel most attractive.
When you feel attractive, it will boost your confidence and make you feel better overall.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to stay the weight you are, that’s great too. Make the changes you need to make to be happy. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or just generally toning up.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re happy in your own skin.

This made me so happy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Many of us plus size ladies (women in general) seem to rely on someone else expressing our worth, our beauty, or essence. If we find it ourselves, we no longer need anyone to validate it for us. It’s so nice to hear this from a man tho, other than mine, lol. So many women help empower each other which is how it should be, but sometimes listen to a guy speak sense seems to resonate a little further at times.

Don’t get me wrong, having a partner that loves you and make you feel good will always contribute to boosting your confidence.

We are all human, we won’t feel confident all day, every day. We will standardly get those days when you feel but ugly and this bitch ass body don’t want to fit in any item from the wardrobe. Your eyebrows have taken on the shape of the zig zag lines in the road, you’re on your period and that high wasted skirt you got looks hideous, cos your belly looks so bloody big. But that’s OK.

What you don’t need is to constantly bash yourself to the ground till there is no way to get back up again.

And a lot of men are not as shallow as we think, he could fall in love with your personality first and not see your weight at all, usually there will be a level of physical attraction, but so many people fall in love with someone that isn’t their “normal type”, that maybe colour or shape, that was not typical to what they are usually attracted to.


But the beauty within this, is that you saw the person’s soul first, which is really what love is all about. A person can’t be happy with someone who has good looks and a complete shit of a personality. And if that’s what is important to you, THE LOOKS! We may need to sit down and have a little chat, email me, I’ll make the time, for you especially.✌

To the guy that commented on this post, I just want to say, your partner is lucky to have you, if you have one and you her. I hope men that read this post find support in loving a plus size woman with pride, and ladies who read your comment find strength finding their own beauty.

And lastly the lady who posted the question in the beginning, it seems like you have a great guy there. Let him love you and love yourself too. Those words of disbelief is not good for your soul. I’m sure you are everything that he says you are and you are everything that you will soon discover about your beautiful self.

 All pictures are from pintrest.

Xxx Fran xxX