Swap Till You Drop! Fat Positive London.

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Finding out what’s going on in the plus size community can be difficult at times, especially if you’re not a part of the Plus size bloggers seen or in any kind of social media group.


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I got 4 of these tops from the swap, all from yours clothing and all different colours, perfect for work wear.



So that’s why Kurve Kit dedicates itself to sharing all plus size information, with all who wants it or needs support in living a plus size life.

Getting current information can be hard work and you have to make it a mission to be in the know. It’s be bad enough finding clothes let alone anything else. It’s only been the last 6-8 years, that I have been able to find clothing that fits in my price range and understand what works well for me and my body.

Swap item, Primark owl top, I so love it!


When I started The Kurve Kit I came across the fat positive clothes swap on twitter, this just sounded like a great idea and it wasn’t too far for me to travel to. It was nice to get rid of all the clothes that I had piled up, just sitting there, that was way too good to throw and things that still had tags on.


When I got there I was in shock, with how easy it was to get around and understand how it all works and I also got chatting to some lovely folk who really seemed to be helpful and complimentary when trying on items.

I was able to take a picture of Kirsty one of the organiser (Alongside Claire who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet).

The lovely Kirsty one of the Organisers


Kirsty was happy for me to promote the event on The Kurve Kits social media sites. They also have food at the swap so if you want a bite to eat, you have the option.



When attending my forth Fat Positive Clothes Swap, I thought it was time to share the true essence of the swap. It wasn’t just about swapping clothes, it’s about acceptance, community, coming together and so much more.

While interviewing the wonderful, Michelle and Tukru who are just so endearing and sweet. They were able to express how they feel about the swap and also Kirsty explaining the reasons why it started in the first place, which also shocked me, because this has been happening for a years. 


Another swap item, Jacket from Lane Bryant, I was so happy and its made so well



Clothes swaps have been a trend for some time, but I know that I would never find items for my size at any old swap that wasn’t specifically for the plus size.  I can’t shout enough from the roof tops how great these days are, and I am actually happy to spend the day there. What’s even better is that friends who are size 16 plus, give me the items that they don’t want but still in good condition, to take along also. Along as I have my car and petrol,  I will continue to attend and give clothes. And when I get home and an item don’t fit or look exactly how I expected, it goes in a black bag and I take it right back to the next swap ready to be given a new home.


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One of my ultimate favorites from the swap, Asos Curve dress.


Xxx Fran xxX