It’s been some time from doing a Proper post, but I was so excited by the last Fat Positive Clothes Swap,in feburary, I had to rush take pictures and show you.

By the way, these pics have:


Me with makeup! lol. For those who dont know its snapchat, not my bad makeup skills.


Which I clearly needed for some of these items. But I don’t really care I just had to share. Tbh, I don’t wear much support underwear anyway.
So here are some of my favourite items and I just can’t wait to get out there to show them off.


Taking pictures in the wrong light, is something that i do all the time and i really need to sort out my poses, if anyone wants to give me lessons in how to take a decent picture, please let me know.

Can I also big up my Asos mens shoes, as they were in the January sale and I wish I ordered more than one pair.



So i have my dress that i wore today and love so much, the colour, the cut and the length is beautiful and works well with my figure.


Here i have a dress thats a little big, but im sure with the right black belt, it will look  better.



Now, I have never owned a scarlet and Jo dress and now i have one.


OK, yes i didnt iron the dress. i really couldnt be bothered.


This dress is a sainsbury TU, and i have fallen in love with every inch of it.

Below id a simply volumptious dress, the chest area is my favorite. and my hair is getting messy as we go down the pictures. ROLL EYES!


Only god knows what i was looking for.



I saw this cardigan (im a cardigan lover) and skirt and just had to pick them up, both items are knitted. Like who has a knitted pencil skirt, in blue at that.





I also want to thank those whos clothes these items were originally, if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be a happy bunny right now.

Heres a link to my YouTube channel, for more information about the swap and what happens when you get there.






Xxx Fran xxX


Happy New Year to you all.


A person I met in passing, (A white lady around 45+) had asked me, why are black plus size women so confident and know how to dress for their body type so well? This isn’t the first time mind you, I have been asked a question like this.


I firstly told the lady, (who was also dressed beautifully) that not all of us are as confident as we seem, but culturally being plus size seems to be more accepting in our culture for many years. Many black plus size women dress to compliment there shape and size. (Please bare in mind, I am not saying all black women, many have grown up with nothing but difficulty in dealing with their size. And I’m also NOT saying that other races do not do the same. )

This got me thinking. Why women of colour aren’t, represented in the plus size UK fashion industry. Women of colour buy clothes, they spend money on items that brands put out, So why is there so little representation in the plus size Fashion?


I find that the UK do not embrace the plus size women of colour, when it comes to PS fashion. I have always admired how the US incorporates all ethnicities when it comes to fashion and I would love to have the same in the UK.


Growing up in the 80s I can remember seeing much more plus size black and Asian women than I did any other colour.



One memory that I can regularly remember from a young age, is when I had to go to church with my mum.


So many women who were plus size put on some outfits that was their church best. You had colour, vibrancy and confidence that was always complimented on when you saw them.


My mum as a dark skinned Caribbean woman always had on so much colour when going to church.


The African culture also live in colour items and dressed up in their vibrant tribal patterns which always had colour, which made them look so nice and complimented their skin tones.


No matter what size these ladies were they looked good and especially when it came to attending church.



The Asian plus size community would also be similar, when seeing the ladies wear their sarees that showed their bellies and yes plus size Asian showed their stomachs.


And they never appeared worried about anyone seeing their stomach rolls.


All this and so much diversity but still not recognised in the industry and celebrated/acknowledged much at all, In the UK.


I strive to make a conscious effort, to have a melting pot of ethnicities when I post on social media. I must be honest I really struggle to find Asian or oriental plus size women photos in the UK, models or any who blog about plus size issues, but this is a work in progress and once I find them I will definitely be sharing.


If we look into any form of UK Plus Size ceremonies or awards, very few women of colour will be nominated or even win an award, this should not be the case at all.


But in the meantime, here are some of the plus size women of colour in the UK that I feel should get recognition for what they do and you should check out if you haven’t already.








I would love to see more plus size women of colour get recognition for their style and contribution to the plus size industry, especially as you have trending styles that come from their own communities and cultures. Inclusion of ethnicities are just as important as body shaming and also contributes to body positivity. So if you want to shout out about these topics, let’s at least include the basics first.





Below are some plus size fashionista from overseas











Xxx Fran xxX

Swap Till You Drop! Fat Positive London.

Caring is Sharing. So have a read and watch the YouTube link, LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT! And let me know if your coming to the next Fat Positive Clothes Swap. All information is given on the video.


Finding out what’s going on in the plus size community can be difficult at times, especially if you’re not a part of the Plus size bloggers seen or in any kind of social media group.


Enter a caption

I got 4 of these tops from the swap, all from yours clothing and all different colours, perfect for work wear.



So that’s why Kurve Kit dedicates itself to sharing all plus size information, with all who wants it or needs support in living a plus size life.

Getting current information can be hard work and you have to make it a mission to be in the know. It’s be bad enough finding clothes let alone anything else. It’s only been the last 6-8 years, that I have been able to find clothing that fits in my price range and understand what works well for me and my body.

Swap item, Primark owl top, I so love it!


When I started The Kurve Kit I came across the fat positive clothes swap on twitter, this just sounded like a great idea and it wasn’t too far for me to travel to. It was nice to get rid of all the clothes that I had piled up, just sitting there, that was way too good to throw and things that still had tags on.


When I got there I was in shock, with how easy it was to get around and understand how it all works and I also got chatting to some lovely folk who really seemed to be helpful and complimentary when trying on items.

I was able to take a picture of Kirsty one of the organiser (Alongside Claire who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet).

The lovely Kirsty one of the Organisers


Kirsty was happy for me to promote the event on The Kurve Kits social media sites. They also have food at the swap so if you want a bite to eat, you have the option.



When attending my forth Fat Positive Clothes Swap, I thought it was time to share the true essence of the swap. It wasn’t just about swapping clothes, it’s about acceptance, community, coming together and so much more.

While interviewing the wonderful, Michelle and Tukru who are just so endearing and sweet. They were able to express how they feel about the swap and also Kirsty explaining the reasons why it started in the first place, which also shocked me, because this has been happening for a years. 


Another swap item, Jacket from Lane Bryant, I was so happy and its made so well



Clothes swaps have been a trend for some time, but I know that I would never find items for my size at any old swap that wasn’t specifically for the plus size.  I can’t shout enough from the roof tops how great these days are, and I am actually happy to spend the day there. What’s even better is that friends who are size 16 plus, give me the items that they don’t want but still in good condition, to take along also. Along as I have my car and petrol,  I will continue to attend and give clothes. And when I get home and an item don’t fit or look exactly how I expected, it goes in a black bag and I take it right back to the next swap ready to be given a new home.


Hope you enjoyed the video, please share, like or subscribe to the channel, so you are constantly up to date with what I find on the streets of London and if you know of anything that we would enjoy let me know and i will help spread the word too.

One of my ultimate favorites from the swap, Asos Curve dress.


Xxx Fran xxX

Fat With Short Hair, Because I Dont Care. 💇✌💪✂🏆

Being apart of a plus size closed group brings up a lot of questions. And one got me thinking about the saying that, fat people shouldn’t have short hair.

This grated me, more so because I have had short hair for over 18 years now.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fact that some hairstyles do look better, due to face shape but fat people have all different face shapes.


Is it a saying, that society likes to use to contribute to putting down fat people. It’s bad enough being dictated to, in regards to fashion and colours that we shouldn’t wear. God forbid you have short hair too.


My hair has had colour, been straight and also naturally curly and I have had many different levels of short trust me. due to hearing fat people shouldn’t have short hair, has also had me thinking that my hair shouldn’t be cut to low, due to my size in the past.


This also got me thinking, when going to a hair salon, do all stylist support the fact that a fat person can go short too. Will their beliefs determine if they do a good job or not. I mean, if a hair stylist doesn’t  feel that fat person can go short, will they do a good job to the look you want. Will you be able to turn up to the salon and say ” I’m tired of long hair, I want it short, set me free” and know that the finish look will have you jumping on the bar stall and doing you best dance moves, cos your feeling hot as hell. I’m not so sure.


Lucky for me, I haven’t been to a hairdresser in 18 years. Reason being, they were the first to cut my hair short and done the most worst job in the world. So since then, my sister has always cut my hair and I can leave her to do her magic, as I have nothing but confidence in her.


As time has gone on or it maybe the fact that in have gotten older. I seem to not give a shit about how short my hair is. As long as I like it and it’s had a good cut, I’m happy.

If you’ve heard any fat short hair stories or have heard some nasty comments on fat people and short hair, comment and let me know.

Xxx Fran xxX

Can Simply Be, Really Be For Me?

So, I’m not a Simply Be kind of girl, I don’t know why. They just haven’t grown on me as much as I wish and frankly I find their prices for SOME items just a bit to high, for me. Yes I am a big bargain hunter. But I don’t feel that I have tried on enough Simply Be items to out rule them out of my life.


I see a lot of ladies in their clothes on blogs and the adverts on TV are amazing, but! I still just don’t see anything that says buy me on their website apart from what gets advertised. Oh No, I Lie, one dress that I got for my sister’s wedding.




So as the adverts are so tempting, I felt I better go to the store on Oxford street and take a good look. While on my enjoyable bus journey, I convinced myself to stay open-minded and be adventurous, find something that I don’t usually wear. And also find something that I do wear all the time.



I got to the store and went straight to the sale section as I usually do. And unfortunately found nothing that was really me or something that I could be adventurous with. I like flowers but not that much.

Anyways, when looking in the non sale sections, I saw a few things that caught my eye, mainly a pleated leather look skirt that unfortunately had the smaller sizes and none of the bigger ones, which I need. I also saw this white shirt that called me so much that I had to try it on. I don’t wear shirts often at all. Only due to my gaping breast. But this had no buttons.

I then picked up some jeans and a pencil skirt with another yellow shirt that just looked like it could brighten up the darkest days.

So items that I would usually wear are, skinny jeans and skirts.

Items that I don’t usually wear are shirts, at all, standardly.

I feel in love with both of these shirts. Colour and fit. And I will say that I feel they look good too. Plus the jeans fit very nicely and had a good amount of stretch in them. Also I can’t forget the changing room, so spacious and lit up beautifully.

I wasn’t to impressed with the tube skirt, if it came in more at the bottom, I think I would be happy but it was just to baggy, not to say it didn’t look nice but I like my skirts tight. I suppose I could have got a smaller size but don’t think that would really work.

And lastly, the sizes in store. Especially the nice leather look pleated skirt. If an item is selling out fast, you better get stocking up on them very quickly. As the amount of stores that simply be have, you really don’t want the disappointment of not seeing something in your size in store.

Overall. My trip wasn’t that bad, actually it was pretty good. For general wardrobe wear, I can’t bring myself to buy items from Simply Be unless they are in the sale, ( tbh I buy most things in the sale) but if I really wanted something, I WOULD buy a full priced item from Simply Be.

Xxx Fran xxX

Forever 21’s cute bargain LBD.

With me finding my new-found love of a social life that I missed out on, (another blog post for another day), I find myself being very busy and have a lot of special occasions to attend. I’m not one to splash out on clothes, I hunt for a good deal and always find one.

I had a leaving doo to attend yesterday and found myself a little early, so a wander around the shops is always a good pass time option for me.

When entering forever 21, I got the feeling that I’m not going to find much of a bargain, but came out with a dress that was very cheap and not even in the sale. Now a LBD is something that I don’t usually wear. I love bright colours and always make sure I wear them, it just goes with my personality as some may say.

As I have gotten older I have found that the more I wear black, the more I am trying to disguise myself, which is my theory about me and  not no one else’s, (I will also save that for another day too)

This dress was calling me from the other side of the room.


BTW, I know the lightings not good, i have a big phone which dont help, but i will get better at this.


Here is a link to the cardigan that i didn’t get, i have so many it just didnt make any sense. I just wanted to see how it looked with something over the dress.


When looking at the price my eyes popped out of my head. I was so happy, it was unreal. Forever 21 had a cute LBD and it only came up to £12.00, I kid you not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a dress that I would shout and say was a show stopper, but it’s cute. And for that price it was mine.

So when I got home, something came over me to look online and see what else Forever 21 have that just as cute and for a similar price.
OMG! I found the same dress, in pink for £4.99, I know right. ( go on, look it up for yourself now, see if they are still in stock and come back to the post, I have more info for you). Its below!



Whilst looking with excitement and double checking I had the dress in my online basket, I found another black and cream dress that was also a cutie and bagged that to for another £5.99 Take a look!


You can thank me later, just make sure you get online ASAP. X

Xxx Fran xxX

Give me some of that #PlusIsEqual Confidence, please….


I thought it would be a good idea to blog about post that has the most views on The Kurve Kit Facebook page each week ( well as regular as I can anyway ).

This week, it was the #PlusIsEqual by Lane Bryant catwalk clip. Press below to view clip.


The confidence that oooozes from the model was just magic. She walked that catwalk with nothing but sexiness, strength, and beauty.

I would like to think I could do the same, only when fully dressed. But with just underwear on would be a big issue for me. The thought of a nipple falling out, a wedgy, tripping over and everything spills out, like jelly dropping on the floor, would cripple me to doing anything so fierce. If I had extra sticky tape support and clingfilm wrapped around my breast and butt to ensure no spillage, I’m in.

This little clip was only around 6 seconds long, but showed how plus size women can do, just as good as a size 6 model would do on the catwalk. And with over 4 million views in total worldwide, I’m sure many people felt exactly the same as me.

You slayyyyyyyyyyed that catwalk lady and no one can take that away from you. NO ONE.

Xxx Fran xxX

A proper first Blog Post

Oooohhhh this is exciting.

Hey y’all. I’m gonna start My first proper blog post by letting you know a little about me.


Mum of three, 35, black British, with a  psychology, sexual health and family support background and now newly self employed.

I’ve always had a lot of SIZE! I’m the tallest and biggest in my family, weigh the most and have the biggest feet in the family too and that’s just on me mums side.

So doing Kurvre Kit isn’t something that I thought I would do just because I “recently” put on weight and want to shout to the world I accept myself. I’m doing it now because I have accepted myself for who I actually am and have always been.


I have forever been “the BIG or BIGGER one”, (don’t worry, I say it too) and have had to learn many tricks of the trade, to mask my true feelings in regards to my size and what others think about me.
I strongly believe if I ever loose a lot of weight, I will never reach a size 12, 14, or 16, the smallest I may ever get too without looking like a freak (due to my frame not the fact that slim women look like freaks ) is an 18, which is ok by me.

Funnily enough, if I ever had to loose anything on my body, it would be a little bit of my feet. Being a size 9 has been the most annoying thing in my life. But that’s for a complete other post.

Discovering this new movement of self acceptance, body positivity and simply not focusing on the flab has been liberating and enlightening. Dont get me wrong, I want to be healthy, my life hasn’t and will never consist of takeaways every week or day, eating oven cooked food for breakfast lunch and dinner, nor fruit or vegetables never reaching any my mouth. I’m actually the opposite. My flaw are not eating breakfast everyday, large portion Sizes and lack of exercise. Trust me I can get about and bust some serious dance moves, I just don’t do enough regularly.

Well, as I draw an end to my first ever (proper) Kurve Kit blog post, I just want to thank all you fabulous thick set, fat, big, tall and large women and men out there, who contribute to body positivity, in this ever growing beautiful plus size movement. Because if it wasn’t for all of you being honest about your good days and bad days, many people wouldn’t be able to identify the journey that it may sometimes take to finally come to peace with ones body.

xxx Fran xxx

Are you a DIVA?

Well what a way to kick of the Kurve Kit!

I had been told about the this clothes and lingerie fashion show by a friend, who asked me if I wanted to attend seen as I said that I wanted to start a blog. I was pleasantly surprised how busy the venue was, seen as London was on a tube strike for the last couple of days. Diva choice and MCB Pre Valentines Ladies Night Fashion show was held at the lovely Primo Bar at the Park Plaza Hotel on the 6th February 2014.

A bit about the lines that were hosting the show.

Diva Choice has products and services, there Lingerie goes from size 8 up to a size 20 in most items and variety of colours for all complexion. They also host lingerie parties, which I’m sure would be a great load of fun for a Hen Night, Birthday Party or just a girlies night in. You can find more at http://divachoice.co.uk

Eminence Mode are a company that focus on jewellery statement pieces, which are all handmade and distinctively customised to give the WOW factor, to complete your outfit. And at this point, I can not tell you what Reid Collections are all about, but I know they are just as important as the other two. When all 3 collaborate together they call themselves the Mobile Chic Boutique otherwise known as MCB.

Back to the night!

Back stage seemed well organised with make up and hair being done and a film crew filming, with all this going on, the vibe was a great.

I then went on to mingle with a few of the audience who came to the show, and got sight of a beautiful young lady called Cheree. A beautiful kurvy lady that I had to take a picture of, as her clothes and makeup look right for the event

My pictures don’t show exactly what she was wearing but she was beautiful anyway and so was her friend which I didn’t take a picture of! Which now coming to think about it, was a bit rude cos she was just as beautiful.                                                    SORRY CHEREES FRIEND xXx.


Can I also just let you know! I AINT NO PHOTOGRAPHER, just so you guys know when looking at these pics, But I do try me best.

The event also had an area that gave everyone a chance to get mini treatments done which was a nice gesture to. But unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get any for myself.

On to the clothes

The Models were just lovely and the first set was what I would call club wear, which went from a size 8 to 14. Then came thelingerie and wide range may I say.

20140206_20075420140206_200638 20140206_195926

To be honest the items were OK! There were some really nice ones but nothing that really pulled out to me, as a lady of the plus size variety.


But if I was a size 12, I may have been running to the back purchasing for valentines day if I hadn’t had anything in place already.

As some of us kurve ladies know, wearing lingerie is sometimes a little tricky, if your not a size 8. Having to find the right fit for your bust and then the right fit for your bottom half, can be nothing short of a nightmare. Let alone feeling confident and comfortable in the cloths themselves. Don’t get me wrong, many of us are confident but when we are looking right.

20140206_20544620140206_205425(0)But some of us are more comfortable and can also enjoy the evening when things are in the places of where they are supposed to be.

One of my favourite part of the night was the compare, Judi Love. She really got the crowd going And integrated with the crowd in the intervals and gave us a few jokes in-between.

BUT DEEP INSIDE THE KURVE KIT 20140206_20313320140206_202408
Overall a good start for a company that is just starting out, they have been promoting there events well, makeup and hair were good and simple and didn’t take away anything from the garments, but TBH I wouldn’t say they go up to a size 20 and would just keep the margin small between a size 8 – 16 in all items.

So my advice would be, if your size 8-16 and your body is well within proportion, then you will find something for you, but if your chest if an ample full, then make sure your buying in advance. If you are getting something for a special occasion and/or you need to make sure you looking good for that special someone and your item don’t quite fit your gonna be that disappointed because you have enough time to find you a little something else.