NUDITY WARNING. In praise of NOWNESS and their Fat Video


I have just watched, NOWNESS video, Define Beauty:in praise of fat film, Heavyweight staring Vanity Fox and Brock Avery.

When starting to watch this video, I had no idea of where it was going!

Once I saw the stretch marks and I know this may sound a bit bad but, all I could think of was, OMG! they look like mine. Before you start, no I don’t have any issues with mine or hers.

Then I paused the video, just to really think about what is going to happen in the space of 1.40 minutes, so I continued. Then to my horror  I saw the water dripping down her body, I couldn’t stop thinking, Ohhh why have sweat running down a fat woman, its just so of putting. Like all we do is sweat, even when its not hot, for Pete’s sake.  Hopefully, the fact that the water was horrific to ME, will make sense the more you read .

Then the music started, which shit me up to be fair, ( I WAS WEARING HEADPHONES) I really wasn’t expecting it to be so dramatic. Was there a pop up that spoilt my viewing. You know those ones that really like to spoil things for you on the laptop, all of a sudden a voice or music from somewhere starts in the laptop devise, which take you up to a good few minutes to actually find out where it s coming from. Anyway I digress. The music was like an intense fight that you see on a film that starts of slow and builds up to someone seriously getting hurt.

I then had to start the video all over again, but while doing this, I then got thinking about the name Heavyweight. What do they really mean by this? Is Vanity Fox the heavyweight or Brock, because he was taking care of business? Are they implying that men who love intimacy with a plus size woman should be given the title heavyweight?


So I continued to watch (AGAIN). Brock was really getting into the groping and everything, he was happy to divulge himself into to her whole body. Which I can imagine people out there cheering him on. lol

Then i suddenly went back to my original HORROR, (OK! So now you guys must realise by this point, when I get stuck on something, I don’t rest until it makes sense to me, which is the reasons why it becomes HORRIFIC )  the water! Is it suppose to represent something else?


Was it his love runneth over,  lolololol, if you know what i mean. Was it her love runneth over? They really wasn’t doing anything so strenuous that sweat could have developed, no shower , sink or bath was present. She wasn’t drinking water or anything like that, was it dribble? No really!What was it supposed to blooming be. YES I AM OBSESSING ABOUT THE WATER,  SO IF YOU HAVE A THEORY PLEASE COMMENT, HELP ME OUT HERE.


What I actually loved about this clip, was the fact that, when all was over and a shot of Vanity’s whole body appeared, her face spoke volumes.


What was she thinking? was it:

A, You just wished you just had all of this, like he did.

B, You didn’t realise fat could look so good.

C, This is what ya’ll missin.

D, Wow, i wasnt even expecting that.

E, Ladies this is how its done.

F, I am a true goddess and every inch of me, should be worshipped.

What did you think that last look was all about?


Overall, I liked it ALOT. Heavyweight was intense, had me wanting to see it till the end, I  was also happy to sit back and identify  which parts of the body i was seeing on my screen. I was engrossed, in how he was in an element of indulgence using all his senses to consume every part of her body all at once. And to finish with that look on her face, just topped it of for me. I felt an emotion, cant pinpoint which one.  She gave me a sense of YOU GO GIRL, you ARE HOT and he enjoyed every bit of you. But it still leaves me with the BLOODY WATER.

Full Video below.

Xxx Fran xxX

Most viewed post of the week, Zo’s Tees

Most viewed post of the week is a zo’s Tees.


I know right. Its so true!

As I have been ill for the past two weeks, (hence the reason I havent posted any blogs), I have been making up for the days I didnt eat while I was ill. That wasn’t planned but its just happened.

If you are blessed in cooking good food, have a loved one that cooks up a storm or you love going to restaurants, why should you miss out.

Its like this, you know when you have that one person that gives you the best sex ever, but they aint good for you, cos they can’t commit, but you keep on going back. Yes thats it, thats me with food.

On a sunday when your roast was on point and you have finished eating, the dishes are done and your getting ready to watch the sunday night movie. That’s when your back in the kitchen to make a small bowl with the left overs. 😦


I know we have to learn to eat in moderation, but when it taste so good. It can be the hardest thing ever.

Xxx Fran xxX

I will find my own FAT HOTNESS, thank you very much!

So I have just read “best 5 positions and ways to have hot sex as a fat woman!!!!!!” 👿


I’m Sorry, but I am not limiting my plus size self. Us bigger chicks have got it going on if you haven’t heard. I advice every one of you to not listen to everything you read.

What makes sex HOT? Apart from having the heating on full blast and closed Windows, whilst getting it on, cos you make to much noise.

Its me, not no top 5 list. My sexual prowess is what makes me HOT. Enough of reading things to make me feel I need a ” make me HOT aid”. Why are you so narrow minded to feel I need it? I find my own hotness not yours. If I spent all my time reading and making sure I stuck to the rules of the world in regards to plus size sexual positions and your perception of HOTness, I wouldn’t understand what works for me.


Curvy girls have enough to deal with, let alone having to be told only use 5 sexual positions that work best, due to our size.  Sexual postion limitating shaming (you like that one, hah 😜) is not the way to go and I encourage you to explore and  find your inner goddess to see what works for you and your lover.

If a position dont work for you, so what! Move to the next one. Its no different to looking at a menu and trying a meal You have never eaten before.


There are a lot of fluffy ladies that are flexible as hell, so why are we constantly told to limit ourselves in the bedroom.


What makes it even worse, potential partners are out there reading these articles thinking that they are limited in the bedroom with their potential plus size lover. Men are being more open and honest about their love for the bigger framed woman, why give the perception of, if you try a different position, you end up in A&E with a broken arms or legs because we can’t handle it.
Don’t get me wrong! This may be a possibility but it’s a low one.

Soon we will be reading ” Top 5 best ways to use your toothbrush for plus size women”.

It’s all good sharing information and advice, but a lot of articles give the impression that these are the only way, you will be hot and enjoy sex. I feel it’s important to promote exploration and trying new things in the boudoir.


As fierce and confident us fat girls can be or portray, we may feel that if a position don’t work it’s due to our size, which really isn’t always the case. 

Best sexual positions don’t just rely on the shape and size of the female. Size of the penis and the partners frame may also helps determine what position works well for you too.

What may work for you may not work for another, due to bigger thighs or bigger bums etc. We are all stimulated in different ways, sensations in the breast me be greater or less. Kissing the neck may also not be as stimulating for you as it is for me, which also contributes to the Hotness and enjoyment while having sex. But you never know until you try, right!


Sex should be fun, enjoyable and most of all pleasurable,  don’t miss out on something that may feel good for you and your lover.

If guides like this work for you, then forget all I just said. 🙊 I just talk way to much. 😦

Get out that karmasutra manule ( that I know you have ) and give them all a try if you want.


Ok this one looks a bit complex

Make your own list to what sexual positions and ways that make your fat self feel HOT and then send me a copy (only if you want, caring is sharing you know). But Before you do, just make sure you have a good stretch first. X 😘 

BTW all pictures were found on the internet, I do not own them. I did swipe through my phone but didn’t have the guts to post. 😂😂😂😂

Xxx Fran xxX