My music doesnt see size, it just hits my heart ! Chillin Playlist

In the first episode of Kurve Konfidential on YouTube, I said I had a music play list for when i getting ready to go out.

This will consist of all different types of songs, but it’s usually upbeat and meaning full, to me.but the thing i love about my music, is that it doesnt see size or colour and its just something that entres straight to your soul.

We all have dramas in your life, no matter what it is, music always makes me feel better. And especially when I’m feeling at my fattest. I find myself cocooned in my room, tidying it up while singing and/or dancing my heart out. Tidying can take hours because I’m to busy looking for more songs on YouTube or SoundCloud.

I’m not gonna lie, I find using my room an excuse to everyone, so I can just be with my music and myself.

Music is a personal affair for me, I’m happy to share songs with friends but I hate listening to music with people, I get sunk into every word and feel listening to music with others can take that away and invade my space. Maybe someone would say I go to deep when listening to music, but it’s a natural reaction for me.

Words, key changes, and the instruments all gets me locked. I can have a conversation with someone and as soon as a good song comes on I’m gone, I no longer understand what that persons saying. If it’s a song I have never heard before, I then get me phone out, find my Shazam app, wait anxiously for it to get the name of the song, once that has been done, I can then focus on the person who I was having a conversation with.

Music has comforted me when I have gone through hard times. I just thought that this was just a phase as a teenager, but I’ve done this through my whole life. The comfort I get from having a good music session is amazing.



No it’s not the same as going to a club and dancing nonstop and I really do mean NON-STOP all night, which I my second favourite music related thing to do. But being still with music on loud or with your headphones give me space. I think I find music intimate, a song can take me to places where I haven’t been, you could say it’s similar to a book.  I also seem to make up music videos for songs lol, I know it’s sad. I often give music all of my attention, even down to the lyrics.

Another thing that makes me happy and excited is discovering that the song completely changes half way through, till the point that you think you’re listening to a brand new song sometimes.



Do you ever get those times when you’re feeling a certain way and a song comes on to completely explain exactly how your feeling, it happens so often. It’s like god is saying “Yes my chid, it’s OK to feel this way and I understand”.


TBH, I think I’m quite OCD when it comes to my music, which is fine. Wish I was like this with me car and keeping it tidy.

Anyway hope you like my play list. It’s just a few songs that I can’t stop listening to at the moment.


Let me know how music benefits you, or just your own relationship with your music.

Xxx Fran xxX