Loveracing25, you need to see her on that pole. 👏👏👏👏 :)

I have found a plus size pole dancer who seems to be my new girl crush, I know I have done a post about plus size pole dancers before but none are quite like this one (well I think so anyway). She had me watching her YouTube channel for over an hours the other day and all I could think about was making sure I put a blog post up about her.

The way she moves on the pole is amazing, she has such grace and moves just a fluently as the “normal” sized pole dancer. Loveracing25 shows you her practice, the hard days, her work rainy days practice and alot of humour. Its not all about showing how good she is, you see how hard she works to get to the level that she has, and she just seems like a lovely woman, some of the song choices are just on point to.


She goes by the name off Loveracing25 and you can find her on twitter, YouTube and Instagram, I don’t even know her name. But what I do know, is that this girl don’t get enough publicity in her expertise on pole.




I’m guessing all who reads my post understand by now, that I love discussing things that are relating to the subject of sex, 😜 but this post is simply about praising someone who has put practise, effort, dedication (and all those positive and inspiring words) into something that many folk out there would say, she shouldn’t be doing because of her size. Loveracing25’s earliest post was 6 years ago and you can see how far she has come from her post to date.

I love the art of pole dancing but seeing a woman who is plus size dance so elegantly on a pole just makes my heart filled with joy. And I feel if anyone can inspire a size 14+ person jump on that pole and perform it will definitely be Loveracing25.


NOTHING BUT LOVE FROM ME SUGA. 👏👍💪👊👌 Go subscribe guys.


Xxx Fran xxX



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