It’s been some time from doing a Proper post, but I was so excited by the last Fat Positive Clothes Swap,in feburary, I had to rush take pictures and show you.

By the way, these pics have:


Me with makeup! lol. For those who dont know its snapchat, not my bad makeup skills.


Which I clearly needed for some of these items. But I don’t really care I just had to share. Tbh, I don’t wear much support underwear anyway.
So here are some of my favourite items and I just can’t wait to get out there to show them off.


Taking pictures in the wrong light, is something that i do all the time and i really need to sort out my poses, if anyone wants to give me lessons in how to take a decent picture, please let me know.

Can I also big up my Asos mens shoes, as they were in the January sale and I wish I ordered more than one pair.



So i have my dress that i wore today and love so much, the colour, the cut and the length is beautiful and works well with my figure.


Here i have a dress thats a little big, but im sure with the right black belt, it will look  better.



Now, I have never owned a scarlet and Jo dress and now i have one.


OK, yes i didnt iron the dress. i really couldnt be bothered.


This dress is a sainsbury TU, and i have fallen in love with every inch of it.

Below id a simply volumptious dress, the chest area is my favorite. and my hair is getting messy as we go down the pictures. ROLL EYES!


Only god knows what i was looking for.



I saw this cardigan (im a cardigan lover) and skirt and just had to pick them up, both items are knitted. Like who has a knitted pencil skirt, in blue at that.





I also want to thank those whos clothes these items were originally, if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be a happy bunny right now.

Heres a link to my YouTube channel, for more information about the swap and what happens when you get there.






Xxx Fran xxX

Fat With Short Hair, Because I Dont Care. 💇✌💪✂🏆

Being apart of a plus size closed group brings up a lot of questions. And one got me thinking about the saying that, fat people shouldn’t have short hair.

This grated me, more so because I have had short hair for over 18 years now.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fact that some hairstyles do look better, due to face shape but fat people have all different face shapes.


Is it a saying, that society likes to use to contribute to putting down fat people. It’s bad enough being dictated to, in regards to fashion and colours that we shouldn’t wear. God forbid you have short hair too.


My hair has had colour, been straight and also naturally curly and I have had many different levels of short trust me. due to hearing fat people shouldn’t have short hair, has also had me thinking that my hair shouldn’t be cut to low, due to my size in the past.


This also got me thinking, when going to a hair salon, do all stylist support the fact that a fat person can go short too. Will their beliefs determine if they do a good job or not. I mean, if a hair stylist doesn’t  feel that fat person can go short, will they do a good job to the look you want. Will you be able to turn up to the salon and say ” I’m tired of long hair, I want it short, set me free” and know that the finish look will have you jumping on the bar stall and doing you best dance moves, cos your feeling hot as hell. I’m not so sure.


Lucky for me, I haven’t been to a hairdresser in 18 years. Reason being, they were the first to cut my hair short and done the most worst job in the world. So since then, my sister has always cut my hair and I can leave her to do her magic, as I have nothing but confidence in her.


As time has gone on or it maybe the fact that in have gotten older. I seem to not give a shit about how short my hair is. As long as I like it and it’s had a good cut, I’m happy.

If you’ve heard any fat short hair stories or have heard some nasty comments on fat people and short hair, comment and let me know.

Xxx Fran xxX

Kurve Kits best Facebook post of the week is………Audrey Littie. 👏👏

The post of the week on The Kurve Kits Facebook was this.

I have no words, ( well I do, but this did leave me speechless).
Those who had comments of hatred for Audrey Littie really do need to take some time and reflect on themselves.

Here are the reasons why,
1. I looked at this post and saw nothing but beauty.

2. I took no notice of the fact that she was plus size, she is a woman and that’s what I saw.

3. The way she moved with such joy, it was mesmerizing.

4. She confirmed how I feel some days. You know those days when you just come out of the shower and you feeling sexy. You just got to feel yourself.

5. The large scale of confidence she shared, made me feel her presences.

6. I hoped that who ever saw this post, no matter what size you are,  you wanted to feel and embrace your body the way that  she just did.

This was  just a few feelings that came to mind when seeing Audrey’s shoot.
While I and many others had so much good and positive thoughts on this clip.


Maybe the people who were nasty, should take a long look at themselves and think about why they have to be so nasty.

I added a few more pictures from Audreys Facebook page just to show how hot, beautiful, confident and vibrant she is.

Audrey, I salute you. 🙋

Xxx Fran xxX

Forever 21’s cute bargain LBD.

With me finding my new-found love of a social life that I missed out on, (another blog post for another day), I find myself being very busy and have a lot of special occasions to attend. I’m not one to splash out on clothes, I hunt for a good deal and always find one.

I had a leaving doo to attend yesterday and found myself a little early, so a wander around the shops is always a good pass time option for me.

When entering forever 21, I got the feeling that I’m not going to find much of a bargain, but came out with a dress that was very cheap and not even in the sale. Now a LBD is something that I don’t usually wear. I love bright colours and always make sure I wear them, it just goes with my personality as some may say.

As I have gotten older I have found that the more I wear black, the more I am trying to disguise myself, which is my theory about me and  not no one else’s, (I will also save that for another day too)

This dress was calling me from the other side of the room.


BTW, I know the lightings not good, i have a big phone which dont help, but i will get better at this.


Here is a link to the cardigan that i didn’t get, i have so many it just didnt make any sense. I just wanted to see how it looked with something over the dress.


When looking at the price my eyes popped out of my head. I was so happy, it was unreal. Forever 21 had a cute LBD and it only came up to £12.00, I kid you not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a dress that I would shout and say was a show stopper, but it’s cute. And for that price it was mine.

So when I got home, something came over me to look online and see what else Forever 21 have that just as cute and for a similar price.
OMG! I found the same dress, in pink for £4.99, I know right. ( go on, look it up for yourself now, see if they are still in stock and come back to the post, I have more info for you). Its below!



Whilst looking with excitement and double checking I had the dress in my online basket, I found another black and cream dress that was also a cutie and bagged that to for another £5.99 Take a look!


You can thank me later, just make sure you get online ASAP. X

Xxx Fran xxX

Give me some of that #PlusIsEqual Confidence, please….


I thought it would be a good idea to blog about post that has the most views on The Kurve Kit Facebook page each week ( well as regular as I can anyway ).

This week, it was the #PlusIsEqual by Lane Bryant catwalk clip. Press below to view clip.


The confidence that oooozes from the model was just magic. She walked that catwalk with nothing but sexiness, strength, and beauty.

I would like to think I could do the same, only when fully dressed. But with just underwear on would be a big issue for me. The thought of a nipple falling out, a wedgy, tripping over and everything spills out, like jelly dropping on the floor, would cripple me to doing anything so fierce. If I had extra sticky tape support and clingfilm wrapped around my breast and butt to ensure no spillage, I’m in.

This little clip was only around 6 seconds long, but showed how plus size women can do, just as good as a size 6 model would do on the catwalk. And with over 4 million views in total worldwide, I’m sure many people felt exactly the same as me.

You slayyyyyyyyyyed that catwalk lady and no one can take that away from you. NO ONE.

Xxx Fran xxX