NEW YEAR NEW VIEW! GET CurveSomeYoga INTO A NEW YOU, for FREE! In London Only.



I am so new into this yoga game and when TRYING to do it at home, I never know if I am doing it right. But with the feeling that it gives me, I feel I need to just keep on going.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to attend a Curvesome yoga class. All info on my experience is linked below.

So as it’s soon 2016, I vowed to really keep my promise to my body, to at least do Yoga twice a week and being an ambassador of the Curvesome Yoga I really need to practice what I preach.


LUCKILY Donna Noble the founder of Curvesome Yoga told me about her plans for January 2016, which will help me keep this two day a week promise to myself for the next 6 weeks, which starts next week.


Donna will be having an online course of yoga twice a week and at the end of the course all who have been participating, will be attending an actual event to do yoga on the last day. This already feel like it will be a lot of fun. Yoga in your home and the fact that Donna can advise, help and support you through it, is a great opportunity for many. the only sad thing is that this is only for those who live in London.


This is the start that I need. With my schedule so busy, especially with 3 children and being self-employed, this is a great opportunity to keep being active in yoga.


If you would like to take part, then please contact Curvesome yoga, and please remember that no matter what size you are or whatever you feel your limitations may be, Donna will always have an alternative position for you to do. Do contact Donna if you have any questions, as she will be able to make you feel at ease to enable you to take part. click on the link below.


I have to be honest, I would rather get to go to the Curvesome Yoga class more often, as they are so much fun and everyone who attends really encourages each other, but being able to take part live is the next best thing.


heres a little video to help you ssee what Curvesome Yoga is all about if your not very sure what to expect. I hope to see some of you taking part in the online course and possibly at the end of cource event.  But remember its free, so its a good way to see how Curvesome Yoga works for you.

Xxx Fran xxX





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