Yesterday, I peel the potatoes in excitement while having to remind myself that chips take time. I peel more than needed, knowing that they have to be cooked and eaten.

You could ask why I don’t just go to chip shop? Back in the day on a Friday evening and having to wait in line to get your cod and chips, used to be a buzz when the kids were little, that was their highlight of the weekend.

Getting them on the bikes, to take the walk down the road to Michaels on hainault road.

My mum used to make chips and I was only able to have what I was given, chips wasn’t a thing you could ask more of. Once she had peeled those potatoes and we had eaten, then that was it. But as an adult I control those potatoes, I make the decisions as to how many I get, I peel and cut what I want. But being an adult don’t help, at times I wish me mum would do me chips just to make sure I don’t get out of control.

The reason why I know it’s a problem, is because I will make sure everyone gets a nice amount, then we will all eat our chips, but the whole house knows that mum has put on more chips, that will be ready to eat after she has finished. I will sometimes have a plate of chips and nothing else, apart from salt. I don’t want anything to spoil the flavour, unless it compliments them. Maybe a nice slice of wholemeal bread or a bit of French stick. Last night I had the most succulent bit of chicken that was cooked for me and I made sure I only ate one piece, so there was enough to have with my other set of chips.

I know this may sounds so disgustingly greedy but, there are not a lot of things that do this to me.

Grapes, but frozen.


This is a new thing, I was introduced to this frozen grape thing while at my old workplace last year. A colleague/ friend? Asked if I have had grapes frozen before. My face was confused and I didn’t get it. I’m a general red grape kind of girl anyway and will sit and eat a whole bunch happily. Sometimes I like to peel the skin of slowly and take little bites, to then eat the grape and take in every inch of flavour.

We went and put some in the freezer, so I could see what it was all about and then I had the experience.


It tasted really good! but like my music, there are a few things I need to try on my own to really understand how good it is.

So a few months ago I had grapes in the house, (unfortunately when I have fruit at home, which is weekly, my kids just go wild. I made the mistake by telling them, when they were younger, that they don’t need to ask me for fruit, they can just take it.

Well! That was when fruit was cheap but they still remind me of that saying, every time I start to shout, who has eaten all the bloody fruit.)

So I decided to hide the grapes in the freezer because no one would look in there, well oh my god, how good were they. And I mean they were orgasmic, i ate them one by one, rolling them around my mouth, as my teeth can sometimes be sensitive and then finally biting into the textured hard grape that was freezing cold, while you could feel it travelling down your stomach and give you goose bumps. I denied this for so long, but to tell the truth, it takes me a while to process things.


For example I could try someone’s whiskey and tell someone that’s not better than my cider, they may observe me drinking and tell me, Fran you don’t like cider as much as you say you do, because you tend to never finish it, and I would say no I love cider and then later down the line, I would finally realise I don’t really like cider as much as I thought.

And then ponder on whether I should try a bit of whiskey to see if I like that. Yes I am owning my flaws, unlike some people.

Since that day, grapes have been a new regular treat for myself. But unfortunately the kids have now started to take part too. And when I have that first grape from the frozen bunch, I think of my friend who opened my eyes to something new, maybe one day I will tell them how I really feel about frozen grapes but until then, I’m keeping quiet.


So my new thing is not to have the seconds on the chips, I need to understand that I don’t need it. Just because you love something so much over indulgence is somewhat of a sin.

And as for the grapes, they have just got to keep on coming. Trust me, rain, sun, sleet or snow, I’m gonna keep them grapes in the freezer and continue to eat as much as I like.

Let me know what your food addiction is.


Xxx Fran xxX



  1. Frozen grapes are beautiful! I love to snack on those, especially in summer. My one massive snack addiction is monkey nuts. I drive everyone around me crazy with all the cracking noises, haha.

    Great post xo

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