How Naked selfies and other beautiful plus size bodies are helping me accept mine. 🙈🙊💪👍👌🙌

Apart of my plus size journey is getting used to seeing myself, all of myself. So I have been taking selfies on a regular basis. But trying to get the best angle is a nightmare.

Getting used to the size of your face or body takes time. You see everyone else in a picture and they look normal, but when looking at yourself, this seems to be very alien, when your not used to it. So this leed me to embarked on my selfie journey.


A very good friend and I send pictures to each other without much clothes on, more so her than me, Lol. Which has been very helpful, as we both give positive commentary in regards to what we see. My friend suggested we need to get looking at other women’s plus size bodies.

This may not help everyone, I REPEAT, This isn’t something that will work for everybody.

There will be many people with their opinions and reasons why this won’t work for everyone, can I just remind those of you who want to start moaning. I didn’t say it will work for everyone, but it’s worked for me OK, and its my blog and I will say what the F📢🔊K I like.


I’m now going to be very honest, 🙊 I looked at plus size pornography 😱😁 as I wanted to really see what other ladies look like. And I’m not ashamed to say it, it’s there and I needed to see if my body is as different or as odd shaped as I thought. 😯

Can I stress, I’m not a lesbian 😂😂😂, just in case anyone has been wondering. I wanted to see folds, Big thighs, big breast, big arms, that hasn’t been choppped, changed or made smaller.

I needed to see real plus sized natural bodies. I needed to see something real as my mind has been conditioned with all these “so called” perfect bodies. Which didn’t look anything like mine or anyone else’s that I know.

This got me thinking about how my mind wasn’t able to process how good my body is, due to the unavailability of bodies like mine.

But there are more and more places on the internet that show plus size bodies, to help society in get to grips with real bodies of all shapes and sizes

I don’t suggest everyone do this. But it did help me, in the sense of seeing that my body shape and size really wasn’t as alien as I thought and to be honest, having three kids and including a C section, it isn’t as bad at all. πŸ™‚


I regularly compliment a woman on how good she looks, no matter what size she is. So I need to be able to compliment my own. So be careful where you look if you do decide to. It’s best to find stills of plus size naked women and you can find this nearly anywhere all over the internet, trust me. But I also bet you will see many bodies that are very similar to yours.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS , that you are not doing this to compare. That’s not what this is all about, it’s to see what others have and acknowledge how beautiful the bodies you see are and how much they resemble your body too. And I can not stress how you will come across a body like yours. The online world is big and you will find many beautiful bodies.

All photos are from Pintrest, which is a great place to start.

Let me know if you try this method and if it works for you . Enjoy.

Xxx Fran xxX


4 thoughts on “How Naked selfies and other beautiful plus size bodies are helping me accept mine. 🙈🙊💪👍👌🙌

  1. I love looking at pictures of plus size women, their confidence fills me with confidence and that is so important. I’ve had submissions of mine on chubby bunnies and eff your beauty standards and the amazing comments I got just filled me with joy! πŸ™‚

    Love this post xo

    1. Thank you ever so much. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one, lol. I love the fact that we empower each other, by doing something so simple but I also find it extremely courageous at the same time. All our bodies are beautiful, it’s just a shame some women don’t ever get a chance to see the beauty in their own bodies. Xx

  2. Same here. Looking at the confidence that others display boosted my own. I am slowly coming into my own skin and want to share that journey with others hoping to payback what has been given me.

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