Can Simply Be, Really Be For Me?

So, I’m not a Simply Be kind of girl, I don’t know why. They just haven’t grown on me as much as I wish and frankly I find their prices for SOME items just a bit to high, for me. Yes I am a big bargain hunter. But I don’t feel that I have tried on enough Simply Be items to out rule them out of my life.


I see a lot of ladies in their clothes on blogs and the adverts on TV are amazing, but! I still just don’t see anything that says buy me on their website apart from what gets advertised. Oh No, I Lie, one dress that I got for my sister’s wedding.




So as the adverts are so tempting, I felt I better go to the store on Oxford street and take a good look. While on my enjoyable bus journey, I convinced myself to stay open-minded and be adventurous, find something that I don’t usually wear. And also find something that I do wear all the time.



I got to the store and went straight to the sale section as I usually do. And unfortunately found nothing that was really me or something that I could be adventurous with. I like flowers but not that much.

Anyways, when looking in the non sale sections, I saw a few things that caught my eye, mainly a pleated leather look skirt that unfortunately had the smaller sizes and none of the bigger ones, which I need. I also saw this white shirt that called me so much that I had to try it on. I don’t wear shirts often at all. Only due to my gaping breast. But this had no buttons.

I then picked up some jeans and a pencil skirt with another yellow shirt that just looked like it could brighten up the darkest days.

So items that I would usually wear are, skinny jeans and skirts.

Items that I don’t usually wear are shirts, at all, standardly.

I feel in love with both of these shirts. Colour and fit. And I will say that I feel they look good too. Plus the jeans fit very nicely and had a good amount of stretch in them. Also I can’t forget the changing room, so spacious and lit up beautifully.

I wasn’t to impressed with the tube skirt, if it came in more at the bottom, I think I would be happy but it was just to baggy, not to say it didn’t look nice but I like my skirts tight. I suppose I could have got a smaller size but don’t think that would really work.

And lastly, the sizes in store. Especially the nice leather look pleated skirt. If an item is selling out fast, you better get stocking up on them very quickly. As the amount of stores that simply be have, you really don’t want the disappointment of not seeing something in your size in store.

Overall. My trip wasn’t that bad, actually it was pretty good. For general wardrobe wear, I can’t bring myself to buy items from Simply Be unless they are in the sale, ( tbh I buy most things in the sale) but if I really wanted something, I WOULD buy a full priced item from Simply Be.

Xxx Fran xxX


3 thoughts on “Can Simply Be, Really Be For Me?

  1. Hi, i decided to stop by and let you know i really enjoyed your post! Very cool and interesting (and stylish too!!) keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Those outfits suit you

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