Most Viewed Facebook Post Of The Week…..

Most Facebook views of the week is……….


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Somehow I came across this post and I just had to share. Firstly the ladies outfit was spectacular from what I could see.


Her bright orange flared trousers and her crochet top looked beautiful from the back.


The way she danced only ment one thing, and that she ment business.

Then it happened, she jumped he caught her and with the sultry dancing that they both displayed before the lift, it was a dance that set the whole place on fire.

The crowd could only raw in excitement from what they saw.

Which was a medium size man who may I say was getting on down, to a plus size lady that he was able to pick up and maintain a dance in a way that only lovers should do.

With the anticipation building from when the lady took a jump onto his waist, he was able to grab hold of her and take full control in all his glory.

It worked and I am so glad he was able to show his strength and she was able to show her flexibility.

To round up this week’s spectacular post, I want to give those guys who know, their way around a plus size lady a big 👍💪✋👌
Until next week.

Xxx Fran xxX


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