Fears of the unknown, while trying not to get your confidence blown.💣💥

I know to many people, I appear confident which I am to a degree. but most of my life my focus has been on everyone else, which would be through, friends, work or family.


Since starting The Kurve Kit Facebook page late March, this year.  My aim is to reach as much plus size people with fashion support and information, to help build confidence in living a plus size life. A friend of mine stated that I need to put a name to the face so people can relate to me even more, which I completely understand and feel is true.

Sharing pictures of myself on my personal Facebook page is easy, as I have friends and acquaintances on there and they all know me, but when having to post pictures and information of myself to people who I don’t know, somewhat makes me nervous. This opens me up for ridicule, judgement and just nasty comments from people who I do not know, but mostly do not understand the difficulties that I sometimes  face in regards to the way I look.


I see so many women on social media who are plus size and constantly post pictures of themselves, in bikinis, lovely outfits, eating out and so on. That I have nothing but admiration for and support them whole heartedly, so why do I not have this admiration for myself ?

Well this is my time to put myself out there and really go hard in practicing what I preach. So I have decided I will now try to post at least one picture a week of myself on The Kurve Kit Facebook page and open the doors to me. This is my journey and in order to REALLY help and support others ( in not giving a shit about what others, who don’t know them,  have to say), i Firstly need to not give a flying F$$K too.

Xxx Fran xxX