Yoga, Donna, Curvesome and Release.

Hey guys.

Last Saturday, I dolled up and took myself to my first curvesome Yoga class. I like to think I can flex and bend, but I still can not bring myself to go to a “regular” Yoga class, as my local seems to have mature crowd and fear they wont completely understand my struggles.


Arriving at the venue didn’t go down to well, which was simply due to having to pay, an arm and a leg for the parking. But please do not let that put you of.

Donna Noble, who runs the class greeted me and I was encouraged to join the group. Donna had introduced herself and a brief insight to her Yoga journey.  Then we all  explained our reason for attending the Curvesome Yoga class.

I have read up about the benefits of Yoga and I sometimes feel it is a bit overrated (I know I was a bit closed-minded and shouldn’t really judged the practice untill I tried it) but when getting into the actual moves and leaning about things that I never knew about my body within 5 minutes of the session, it really got interesting.


Donna made sure she had techniques for all abilities and that we understood what we were doing and why. Donna has a lovely aura about her. She made us all feel comfortable, aswell as making sure we were able to do the moves. And if you struggled she stayed with you to ensure you reaped the benefits.

Towards the end, we had all done a move which gave me a non sexual orgasm (I know right),  well that’s the only way I can explain it. I think the aim was to open the pelvis ( Donna if that bit of info is wrong, im sorry! ),  but when she turned your head while in this position, you automatically released a breath/ sound. I actually don’t know what it was.  The feeling was amazing and it felt good.

Unfortunately I had to leave 5 minutes early, to get back to my car. But whilst driving home I felt on top of the world.

What makes me sad, is that was my only opportunity to get to this class. As Saturday morning are occupied by my childrens activities.


I would recommend Donna’s class to anyone who is plus size and wants to try Yoga. We all felt comfortable and happy, plus the ladies who took part were so lovely and funny, that as soon as I get a free Saturday morning i’m gonna find myself right back at the Curvesome Yoga class with Donna Noble.


And  maybe just to experience that non sexual orgasm again.

Info below, please take a look.

Xxx Fran xxX

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