Most viewed post of the week, Zo’s Tees

Most viewed post of the week is a zo’s Tees.


I know right. Its so true!

As I have been ill for the past two weeks, (hence the reason I havent posted any blogs), I have been making up for the days I didnt eat while I was ill. That wasn’t planned but its just happened.

If you are blessed in cooking good food, have a loved one that cooks up a storm or you love going to restaurants, why should you miss out.

Its like this, you know when you have that one person that gives you the best sex ever, but they aint good for you, cos they can’t commit, but you keep on going back. Yes thats it, thats me with food.

On a sunday when your roast was on point and you have finished eating, the dishes are done and your getting ready to watch the sunday night movie. That’s when your back in the kitchen to make a small bowl with the left overs. 😦


I know we have to learn to eat in moderation, but when it taste so good. It can be the hardest thing ever.

Xxx Fran xxX